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Puppy needs a name!

Please help me find a name!  My owners are not sure what to call me.  I am an 8 week old Maltipoo (maltese x poodle) and I don’t want to be a “Bear” or “Blackie”.  I will probably stay small, under 10 pounds.  And I will always look young, like a puppy.  If you come […]

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January 2015

    January 2015: Dental Disease A Yorkshire Terrier named Patty, 12 years old, spayed female presented to me for a health check up with a complaint of bad breath (halitosis) and needed vaccinations. On physical exam most of the vitals signs were within normal limits with normal heart and lung sounds. Eyes and ears […]

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Cutest Puppy in the Whole World

LuLu is a poodle/chihuahua cross female puppy, 12 weeks old, who presented as an emergency; very painful non-weight bearing on the right forelimb.  If she looks a little fuzzy, well that is how she was feeling due to a sedative given to help her through the radiographic procedures.  Her owner told me that she merely […]

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