Heartworm Testing

Heartworm is a life threatening disease caused by a worm which lives in the dog’s heart and adjacent blood vessels. It is spread by mosquitoes. We recommend an annual blood test and preventative unless your dog has tested negative for heartworm infection.
Animal Health at Home welcomes you to visit our clinic beginning April 1, 2022 through the end of May 2022 for a heartworm test with a reduced visit fee! Reduced fee only applicable for visits consisting of heartworm test and preventative. If your dog has a medical issue that needs to be addressed, or needs a vaccination, please set up an appointment for that and we can perform the heartworm test at that visit.
Please call today for an appointment!
(970) 532-4990


  1. We have adopted a dog and cat from a family that couldn’t keep them. We didn’t have pets before, so we’re looking for a veterinarian too. They both need to be altered. Is it possible to get an estimate for spay on 50# dog and neuter for a cat?

    Thank you for your help!! Christi & pets

    • Christi, I am not sure my staff will know how to answer this through the website. They may not have the password, etc. and I am taking the day off because of the holidays. Would you mind terribly either e-mailing them at or calling at 970-532-4990? I think it’s great that you adopted these pets and I hope we can help you. Have they been vaccinated? That’s pretty important, too. Merry Christmas! Dr Kizer

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