Our COVID-19 policies

We are practicing curbside veterinary medicine during the virus outbreak. This means that when you arrive for your appointment with your pet you will call to our front desk from your car and let us know you are here. Then we will come outside the clinic and get your pet and bring it into the clinic without you. Currently we are not allowing pet owners into the clinic. This is our way to help stop the spread of this deadly disease. Please help us with this policy and wear a mask when we have to come near you to retrieve your pet.
We are still doing house calls, but are being extra careful and require that everyone in the house wears a mask. Please don’t invite us into your home if anyone there has traveled in the last 2 weeks on an airplane, or has been or is currently sick.
We have had some push back on these policies; people swearing at us for being asked to wear a mask. REALLY? We don’t have to even be serving you, taking care of your pets. We continue to do so out of compassion for the animals.

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