Distemper combo (DA2PP) 1-year $20.00
Distemper combo (DA2PP) 3-year $20.00
Bordetella oral (kennel cough) 6 month $20.00
Rabies immature (initial dose) 1-year $25.00
Rabies mature (booster dose) 3-year $25.00
Rattlesnake (1 year) $27.00
Leptospirosis (1 year) $23.00


Distemper  (FVRCP) 1-year $22.00
Distemper (FVRCP) 3-year $22.00
Distemper combo (FVRCP & Leukemia) 3-year $37.00
Feline Leukemia (FelV) 1-year $33.00
Rabies immature (initial dose) 1 year $20.00
Rabies mature (booster dose) 3-year $25.00

All animals are examined at the time of vaccination. Vaccination appointments are $50 office visits.

Dentals – Routine Scale and Polish
Canine – $500.00 Feline – $400.00
extractions are an added  expense and will be charged according to difficulty; at least $50.00

Animals who have had extractions will need to take antibiotics after their dentals, and if we know there will be extractions ahead of time, they will be put on antibiotics for several days prior to the dental.

All animals over 7 years of age will need a blood panel to assure the safety of anesthesia!


Declaws:  I do not perform declaws on cats.  I consider it inhumane.  This is my opinion, not a medical fact.  Instead I offer a tendonectomy which is not an amputation, as is the declaw.  It renders the cat unable to extend it’s claws, and the claws do need to be trimmed periodically.
Therefore not all cats are good candidates for this surgery.


Other surgeries are available, prices vary depending on the difficulty of the case.


Heart Worm Testing begins in April,  cost of test is $30.00

X-rays begin at $85 and are usually $115 for 2 views.  More may be needed.